Treat us right!

Sorry boys, but there is no other way to say this – you need to treat us right outside the bedroom door as well as in the bedroom. A group of London escorts visited us here at the Better Sex guide the other day. It is always nice to have a visit from male London escorts. We see so much of girlie London escorts, so when the male London escorts pop along, it is a real treat. And to be perfectly honest, it gives is ladies here at the Better Sex Guide something to drool over as well – London escorts are just so hot!

Anyway, the London escorts visited us here at the Better Sex Guide for a specific purpose. They have been dating a lot recently, and wanted to talk about ladies in the bedroom. Of course, we were only too happy to oblige, and let the male London escorts express their story.

According to the London escorts a lot of ladies have confessed that they would perform better in the bedroom if their chaps treated them a bit different, and they have some really hot tips for all of you guys out there.

Do the Dishes

Don’t leave all the housework up to your domestic angels, get stuck in yourself. It is very unlikely that most British men cook a meal in the home. The problem is that most British guys still expect everything to be done for them.

Learn that things don’t happen by magic in the home, and that it is just s important for you to help out. If, your domestic angel has prepared you dinner for you, why don’t you oblige her by doing the dishes? Pour her a gin and tonic, and let her relax on the sofa. It doesn’t matter if it is just a simple family meal of pizza. Let your wife know that you appreciate her, and do the dishes.

After you have done the dishes, ask yourself this – how much effort does it take to prepare coffee? Get the Nespresso machine out and don’t wait for George Clooney to come around. Make her your favourite coffee yourself, and surprise with a couple of nice biscuits. There you go, that wasn’t very difficult was it?


Well, you know what, they are yours as well. It takes two to tango so help your wife to look after the kids as well. Run them a bath, pick them up from school and take them to football practice. All of these things gives your wife some time to herself, and she will feel more relaxed. What happens when your wife feels more relaxed? Simple, your wife will be more in the mood for love.


Chocolates might impress your wife, but saying it with flowers will do it even more so. Look up the meaning of various colours of flowers on the Internet, and make a note of the meaning of the colours on a card. This is called romance and will certainly do the trick.

Learning how to care and romance your wife will most certainly lead to a much better and happier sex life, and certainly a lot of less headaches!

How Satisfy A Woman In Bed

How Satisfy A Woman In Bed

Pleasing a woman in bed is an art; it needs a deeper understanding of your partner and their needs. Provided you put the sexual needs of your partner before yours and remember to keep sex fresh, your sex life will be exciting and alive for a long time.

You need to go down on her; if everything else fails, this will succeed. If it is hard getting the woman to warm up in the act, go down on her and spend some time while you are down there. This is going to build up the momentum for a good night ahead.

Take your time during foreplay. A lot of men hurry this up with no consideration for the woman. Simply because you are ready does not mean that the woman is ready as well. Women usually take longer than men to become aroused. Take time before penetrating her and the both of you will enjoy it more.

Do not forget her erogenous zones. There are several of these areas although each woman has their own sweet spot that turns her on. Kiss and nibble her entire body and remember the areas that excite her the most. It will come in handy when you want her to get aroused faster.

Falling asleep immediately after sex might be an indication that you are secure enough in the relationship and you simply want to relax, but do not forget that there is a thin line between being secure and taking a woman for granted. Cuddle her up after sex; engage in pillow talk for a while and fall asleep in each other’s arms.

Your hygiene matters a lot. Looking and smelling good for your woman is going to make a huge difference in the bedroom experience. A better looking partner is more of a turn on as well. However, looking good does not mean having six pack abs. Take a bath if you will be having sex at the end of a tiring day and make sure the hairy areas are clean and shaved. Smell great and feel good in bed and your woman is going to have a hard time keeping her hands off you.

With the above information, you are now ready to please a girl in bed. Take your time, tease a bit and make sure you are able to keep that erection going. You should try and be mindful of your partner and ensure she reaches orgasm, to the best of your ability.

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