Addicted to points scheme

Ever since I moved to the UK, I have enjoyed shopping in many of the different stores. At first I did not have a lot of money to go shopping, but since joining Kingston escorts from, I have had a little bit more money to play around with. I have to say that I am getting kind of addicted to shopping, and I seem to be spending a small fortune in the shops. It is not only the shopping that I am addicted to, I am addicted to the many different kinds of points schemes that are available everywhere as well.

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I don’t know if I am shopping smart but I have to admit that I do have a lot of club and points cards. My two favorite cards are from Boots and Tesco. The problem is that there is a Boots store and a Tesco store on my way home from Kingston escorts. Most of the time I stop in one of them, and see what they have on offer. If I find something really good, I might buy a lot of the item. And if you get extra points, I will buy even more. It is kind of shocking!

The only thing that I would have to say in my defense, it that I use the points. A couple of times per year, I check out how many points that I have, and I then buy something that I really want. A lot of the girls at Kingston escorts do the same thing, and I think that is what you are meant to do with your points. I have to say that I get a lot of points and that I also get a lot of special offers in the post. To be fair, I think that I might be addicted to shopping.

Back home in Poland we never did have these many stores, and we certainly never had any point’s schemes. I think that they are a great idea, and you can save a lot of money with them. But, I have noticed that you also have to spend a lot of money to get your points. Most of the Polish girls who work for Kingston escorts do what I do. I think that all of us are a bit addicted to the many different point schemes which are available. I never really meant for it to go this far.

My mom comes over from Poland from time to time, and she is really getting into shopping here as well. Sometimes when I have some extra money from Kingston escorts, I send it over to her and she spends when she comes here or back in Poland. Wages are a lot lower in Poland and it is not easy to manage life in Poland. Yes, things are a bit better now, but I am not so sure that a lot of Polish escorts would like to go back. After all, many of them have done really well for themselves in the UK.