How to identify a true gent

I love working for London escorts because you get a chance to meet so many interesting people. Some of my friends outside of the agency are fascinated to know what goes on a London escorts service. It is not such a mystery really, and to be honest, it us all about having a good time in different ways. That can mean going to dinner, or just staying at partying behind closed door. However, most of my friends were interested to know how you spot a true gent.

Yes, I do date some chaps at London escorts that I would call true gents. There are several ways to spot a true, and the first thing you notice is dress. The best gentlemen that I meet at the escort agency in London, dress very nicely. For instance, they will turn up in Savile Row suits and look a cut above the other gents. I kind of like that, because it means they take pride in themselves and look after themselves at the same time. It is just great.

A true gent is also very polite. I speak to people from all around the world at London escorts but English gentlemen do stand out. Instead of saying could you, they always say things like would you please. At first I did not notice it, but since I have learned to listen a bit better, I have found that the gents who speak like that, are all better educated. It makes a huge difference and I love talking to them. As a matter of fact, I do feel like I am a better person when I am around, and they often make my day.

Little gifts and flowers are common from true gents as well. It does not matter if it is a small box of the most expensive chocolates in London, or a piece of jewelry from a leading store. I would say that on 99% of dates, the true gents that I meet at London escorts, always bring a small gift of some kind, I love that, and I think that many of the other girls appreciate small gifts as well. They are almost like little tokens that you keep, and I like that. Most foreign gents never bring anything around that you can keep as a memory.

However, the best way to spot a true gent no matter his education, is the tie. At first I could not pin anything down when it came to what these gents had in common, but then I realised that they all wore ties. The ties are normally silk, and the come in a range of patterns. Some of them are very bold, and others are discreet. When I ask where they buy their ties, all my fine gents at London escorts say their tailor, Harrods or Liberty. Yes, it is true, you can truly identify a gent by his tie. It may make you laugh, but when you see a fine tie, you know you are going to be treated well, and the gent will be polite to you.