Keep Your Spirits Up This Winter

Did you know that you are less likely to suffer flu or a cold if you are in good spirits? Last year, for some reason, I felt on top of the world and stayed in London over Christmas. Normally, I go to the Caribbean for two weeks to get some sunshine, but last year, I stayed at home and even put in some extra hours with East London escorts. Normally if I do that sort of thing, I would get a cold or flu, but last year it did not happen. I felt that I had loads of energy and enjoyed doing all of the things you can do in London leading up to Christmas. Seeing all of the lights on Oxford Street was great and the crowds of tourists in London did not even bother me. I loved it and just carried on. But, I was thinking that spending so much time outside and in stores, would make me come down with something but nothing happened, plenty of the other girls at East London escorts got sick, but I did not for some reason. All through the year, I seemed to have enjoyed really good health. I was not doing anything different but I felt so happy all of the time. Earlier on in the year, I had bought my own place with my earnings from East London escorts. The rest of the year I spent furnishing my flat and I soon came to realise that my little two bedroom flat, was the reason I felt so good. Unlike my friends who did not work for East London escorts, I had somewhere to live for the rest of my life, and I knew that I did have too worry so much about my life. After all, London is not getting any cheaper. During the year, I seemed to attract a lot of good stuff as well. I did well with East London escorts and built up a healthy bank balance. After having paid my taxes, I put half of the money away as investment and booked a nice holiday with some of the other money. Normally I am not the sort of girl who look to the future, but I did decide to be careful with the rest of the money after having booked a couple of courses. This year, I am still feeling happy but a bit less hyper if you like. I cannot believe that we are coming up to the end of the year again, and I have booked a holiday in the Caribbean with my sister. It will be good to have some time off from East London escorts and get some rays. Once I come back, I will spend another year working for the escort agency, and after that, I think that I will have another look at my lifestyle. I have fallen in love with this guy, and although he is a bit older than me, I would like to spend some time with him. Working nights is okay, but if you want to be part of someone’s else life, it may not be the best choice. At least we can have some good times together.